Friday, 8 February 2013

What to look for in a wedding caterer!

Wedding requires extensive preparations right from getting the decorators, the lighting crew, a DJ and most importantly, a good wedding catering professional! Since people usually look forward to the food at a wedding, you should make sure that the expectation of your guests is duly met with! Here’s how you can select the perfect wedding caterers for the marriage:

· Use personal references: We often hear our friends raving about how amazing the food was at Jordan’s reception or we have a colleague who can’t stop boasting about how much people loved the food at his brother’s wedding! Take down the contact details of the caterer from such people. Personal references work the best.

· Visit them personally: You should pay a visit to all the caterers personally and get a first-hand experience. Ask them for their specialization because while some caterers are known locally for their amazing wedding food, there are some do just do corporate catering.

· Take along a couple of friends and family members: When you visit caterers, take a few people who have a good taste for food. They can taste the samples at the caterer’s office and rate it. If you’ve a friend who conducts cooking classes, take them along since they’ve the best sense of food.

· Price quotation: When you’ve confused between a couple of catering services, pricing can be the decider! Ask the caterers for their quotation. Someone who fits well in your budget can be hired for catering at the wedding. 


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