Sunday, 9 December 2012

The essential ingredient for a perfect marriage

Wedding is a culmination of lot of beautiful elements. There will be distinguished guests, fragrant flowers, awe-inspiring designs, appealing stage, super-hit music and an atmosphere of mirth and joy all around. It’s the best time to leave aside all worldly tensions and make way for social bonding that will be remembered for a lifetime. However, the most important ingredient for making any wedding a huge success is good food! 

Agree or not, everyone does look forward to having delicious food when they head towards a wedding. Wedding and good food are in fact synonymous these days. Even when we’re in the company of friends and colleagues, we often hear someone talking about the wonderful enchiladas they had at Robbie’s wedding or the mouth-watering spaghetti that was served at Johnson’s reception! If you want your wedding to be remembered and talked about by your friends, you definitely need to hire professionals for wedding catering.   

Wedding caterers are abundant in the town but since need only the best for your guests, you should start finding one early. Good catering services are booked well in advance so if you start out late in scouting for one, you will be left with an option to select from among the moderate and lower rated ones. To avoid such a dilemma, you should start searching for one as soon as the wedding date is fixed. 

Scouting for a caterer isn’t tough but the way you evaluate one is important. Make sure you always take along someone who has a good taste for various cuisines while trying out samples at the caterer’s office. Here are some quick tips to select the best caterer for the marriage function:

·         Use the internet: Internet has a plethora of information. Today, every wedding caterer has their own website on which you can seek details. Look at the type of cuisines they’re known for, their special dishes and their pricing. Once you’ve gone through their websites, you should shortlist some of them and set an appointment.
·         Visit them personally: You should take along a couple of family members and friends who’ve a good sense of food. Once you’re at the caterer, ask them to bring you samples of their food. This way, you’ll know the quality of their food. Also, inspect their cooking area to see what kind of hygiene they maintain.
·         Their USP: Every food caterer is renowned for a different type of catering. While some are fantastic at corporate catering, others are known for their expertise with wedding receptions. Don’t go behind every caterer. Just shortlist the ones that suit your needs.

As a quick tip, you might want to take crash cooking classes from the caterer you select so that when there’s a party post marriage, you can show a little bit of expertise!

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