Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Discovering Spain and Spanish restaurants

They say “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” and Spain is definitely and truly one of the few countries that knows the art to satiate and slake every man’s taste buds. Seafood is the most common and everyday delicacy in Spain considering the fact that it is bounded by the three water bodies namely Atlantic Ocean, Cantabric Sea and Mediterranean Sea. The proximity to the sea makes fish an extremely famous and most desirable delicacy among the local Spaniards. This cuisine has derived it flavours and tastes from different cultures which makes the food loved by tourists and outsiders as well.

The one word that rings into your head when asked about Spain’s cuisine definitely has to be Tapas. . Tapas is an extremely well-known dish in Spain and have become a renowned dish around other parts of the country and continent as well. Tapas is an appetizer which is served as starters during a meal.However variations in the preparation such as use of cheese, meat, poultry and egg can sometimes make tapas an entire meal in itself.

In Spanish Restaurants, one of the other Spanish food recipes which are incredibly liked by all is the Paella Recipes. A large number of people consider paella as a national dish of Spain. It is a common Spanish dish cooked in a paellera. The name of the dish stands for the utensil that is used in preparing this dish. A flat pan with two handles is the utensil which is used in preparing the dish. The dish if cooked in an oven does not match to the softness and aromatic taste that is generated by cooking in this vessel. Authentically paella is cooked using a rabbit or seafood but a number of permutations and combinations have taken place in the recent past. Paella includes saffron rice cooked with vegetables or seafood and meat.

In terms of lifestyle, culture and cuisine the world has largely shrivelled and contracted. The perfect example of this is Australia. The dining guide in Sydney gives a list of 10 best restaurants in catering Sydney. One of the most prominent is Restaurante Iberico which serves authentic Spanish preparations and brings back memories of Spain. Bodega tapas Restaurante, Cru54 Bar and kitchen, Subsolo Spanish restaurant, En casa Restaurant, The Carrington are the few best in Sydney.

Recent studies have validated and authenticated the benefits of Mediterranean food in one’s diet. As most Spanish food includes ingredients like olive oil, legumes, cereals, rice, wheat, fruit, vegetables and nuts, cheese honey, milk and fish they are good for a healthy diet.
Spanish cuisines provides for a perfect blend of taste and health. Come visit this place and bask in the glory of an entirely new world.

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